Monday, January 13, 2014

Nude and Gold Dots

Hi Loves, Happy Monday. Sorry it's been a week, but time seemed to fly by last week. I worked quite a bit and started running outdoors again, so it was pretty busy! This past weekend though I just cleaned and relaxed!

After all the red and green of Christmas I've been craving simple or clean colours and this colour scheme just popped into my head while looking through my Helmer! I used a base of piCture pOlish Beige and Revlon Gold Coin for the dots.

I hope you're all enjoying January, it seems like it's going by so quickly, I hope time slows down!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. I've seen this look a lot on pinterest lately and I'm loving it! I actually bought a gold sharpie to do mine, though. I get so shaky when I use dotting tools, maybe that'll help!

  2. I just love this look. I have a Revlon gold but it's not as pretty and metallic as this one. But I'll give it a try anyway. I'm amazed at how perfect your dots are!!

  3. beautiful golden pokladots on top of a classy beige base?! *swoon* Thank you for my next mani inspiration!

  4. These are AMAZING! I'm obsessed with the nude/white + gold dots combo in any form, so creative to try it on your nails!


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